Philippine Immigration Corruption

Philippine immigration corruption. This is an opening to one foreigners experience with a very flawed and corrupt system. In the course of several articles I will show you the evidence, name names and demonstrate for you the cost of Philippine immigration corruption.

There is no level untouched by this. From the agents who did not know the law or chose to ignore it, to the regional director who orchestrated an illegal arrest, to the prosecutor who chose to ignore the Philippine Constitution and standard requirements before filing a case to the Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration who has so far failed to supervise the people who are running rough shot over the laws of the people of the Philippines.

Who am I and why have I launched the Philippine immigration corruption website? My name is Jeffrey Evans. I am an American, who at this writing is living in the Philippines in Iligan City. In November 2008, President Arroyo announced an initiative whose purpose was to create jobs for Filipinos. It is called Executive Order 758. In this order was an offer to any foreign national of a visa otherwise known as SVEG (Special Visa for Employment Generation) who created a minimum of 10 regular, full time jobs, in full compliance with all labor laws, business registrations etc. I accepted  the President’s invitation. I created 40+ jobs in Iligan City.

Persons who will be named later (in another article) with strong financial and other motives, set out to have me deported. They provided evidence to the Bureau of Immigration of a legally formed, properly registered business. They also provided my testimony in a criminal case that I in fact am the President and Managing director or a company called Team Sir Jeff Corp.

This was a case against a man who impersonated a police officer and stole from me. The requirements of the SVEG are many. The document that describes all of the requirements can be found here. Among these requirements is a specific requirement that you provide a notarized letter request, certifying among others that: (Taken from the Checklist of Requirements For Conversion To Probationary Special Visa For Employment Generation (Found here


  1. “c. the applicant exercises acts of management with authority to employ, promote and dismiss employees;”

So here is the why – I was illegally arrested and detained by the Bureau of Immigration on 12 October 2009. After I had been held for 10 days without charges I had a habeas corpus hearing. Normally you must be charged within 72 hours even for murder cases. After 10 days the lawyer for the Bureau of Immigration could not properly explain to the judge why I was being held.

She asked for more time and was given until 2 December 2009. I was released pending that hearing. In the meantime I did not receive a charge sheet until 4 November 2009. It lacks any specifics. When you are charged with a crime there is normally a specific description of the when and where this crime was committed. Mine does not. This is a scanned copy of the charge sheet from my lawyer in Manila. I have requested the National Bureau of Investigation to investigate this for kidnapping charges. They have acted professionally and seem to be doing a good job. I will release the preliminary results of that investigation on Wednesday, 2 December 2009. Here is what I already know from that investigation: The immigration agent in Iligan City has admitted that the Regional Director of Region 10 – (named later) did not do an investigation. In addition the Immigration agent in Iligan City claims he did not know the identity of the “tipster” who they relied on for this information.

I further know that the Regional Director of Region 10 was given a subpoena to report to the NBI on 25 November 2009. He did not show or even call. So what am I being charged with and readied for deportation – Working without a work permit. The short of it is I have an Alien Employment Permit 3 issued by the Department Of Labor And Employment. Immigration wants to keep repeating that you cannot work on a tourist visa. (Mine is a tourist visa.) And normally this is true.

However the SVEG was designed for someone without a visa that normally allows work. (i.e. Tourist or Business visa). The logic that they cannot escape is the following: If a person had a visa that allowed them to work, what use would they have for an SVEG? As an example – If I was married to a Filipina then I could have a temporary resident permit. With this an employment permit I could work. Why would I go through the pain of the SVEG? On the rest of this site I will detail the case, harassment and corruption.

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