Affidavit of Joan Armirola


CITY       OF    ILIGAN                    )S.S.






          I, JOAN PEREZ ARMIROLA, of legal age, Filipino citizen, single and a resident of xxx , xxxxx,xxxx, xxxx, Iligan City, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, hereby depose and say, that:

            1. I am a full time regular employee of Team Sir Jeff Corp. My primary responsibilities are to act as the corporate treasurer and the personal assistant of Mr. Jeffrey Evans.

            2. I was with Mr. Evans on October 12, 2009 when he received a text message. He informed me that it was from Mylen Monte. He called Mylen Monte and then informed me that we needed to go to Bangkok Nights Restobar to give Mylen some keys.

            3. We arrived at the bar at about 12:30. I followed Mr. Evans up the stairs. He stepped into the bar and asked an employee of the bar (Alma Caneban) where Mylen was. Alma said she had just left. Mr. Evans turned around and proceeded down the stairs. I was a step behind him.

            4. As Mr. Evans was walking down the stairs a number of men (I think 4) entered the stairwell. One of the men asked Mr. Evans if he was Jeffrey Evans. Mr. Evans responded yes.

            5. The man had some kind of paper in his hand. He told Mr. Evans to come with them and just cooperate.

            6. Mr. Evans tried to explain about three times that he needed to get some keys to the pawn shop owner across the street. There was some kind of break-in. The man told him to give the keys to me. At some point I do not know exactly when, Alma had walked down the stairs to where I was.

            7. One of the men from Immigration asked Mr. Evans why he had so many keys. (Later on I thought this to be a strange question. Mr. Evans had keys on his belt but only a couple of keys in his hand.)

            8. Mr. Evans gave me the keys for the pawnshop owner and told me to call the judge. (He was talking about Judge Salazar)


            9. As Mr. Evans was walking away with the men he asked them for their ID’s. I did not see them show Mr. Evans their ID’s/

            10. During what is now being described as his arrest I never heard him given his rights or told why he was taken into custody.

            11. I have read the charge sheet against Mr. Evans. I was surprised to see an accusation that Mr. Evans was making a routing (other documents show this to be “routine” “check of  Bangkok Nights Restaurant which he owned, managed and operates at Iligan City.”

            12. I find this to be false for four reasons. 1. Mr. Evans does not own, manage or operate Bangkok Nights. In fact Mr. Evans had not even been in those premises from June 2008 until sometime in September 2009 because of some court case. The second reason this is false is because I am with Mr. Evans everyday as his personal assistant. It would not really be possible for him to make routine checks of anything without me knowing. And the third reason is that with the exception of that day I had never known Mr. Evans to be in Bangkok Nights at that time. He was there then because he was called there. The fourth reason is that the Bar was closed at that time.

                13. After I called Judge Salazar I went to the pawnshop. I gave the keys to Alma as no one seemed to be interested in the keys. I learned later (I do not remember where) that the pawnshop was never broken into.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereby affix my signature this _______ day of November 2009 at Iligan City, Philippines.

                                                            Joan Perez Armirola


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this _____ day of November 2009 in Iligan City, Philippines.


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