Affidavit of Marie Chrisbie D Chiong


CITY       OF    ILIGAN                    )S.S.






          I, Marie Chrisbie D. Chiong, of legal age, Filipino citizen, Seperated and a resident of xxxx, xxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, Iligan City, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, hereby depose and say, that:

            1. In the middle of August 2009 I came to meet Mylen Monte through a mutual friend named Rosario Ramos.

            2. I was invited to invest in Mylen’s bar Bangkok Nights. Mylen told me she was the sole owner of Bangkok Nights. I ultimately decided to invest and moved my pizza business into the kitchen of Bangkok Nights.

            3. Sometime after I moved in the Sheriff showed up and took possession of the equipment in the bar. It was then that I met Sir Jeff (Jeffrey Evans). It turned out that Sir Jeff owned the equipment inside the bar and this was the result of a court battle.

            4. Seeing that Mylen was very pregnant, already had one child and no way to support herself Sir Jeff sat down with Mylen and worked out a compromise agreement.

            5. Before they could finish the agreement with the court Mylen went into labor. She had to have a cesarean section. I got a phone call that Mylen had no money for medicine for her or the new baby. I called Sir Jeff and he personally handed me P10,000.00 for Mylens care.

            6. I further contacted Sir Jeff and asked if we could borrow his equipment to use in the bar. He said yes.

            7. On the 12th of October 2009 I learned that Sir Jeff had been picked up by immigration. I asked Mylen what happened.

            8. Mylen told me she was informed earlier in the day by a text from Butch Muldes that men are coming to pick up Sir Jeff from immigration Cagayan.  Butch Muldes told her that Sir Jeff would be deported, and they would never see him again.

            9. Mylen said that a guard from the pawnshop ask her for the keys. And she told me she was “not a part of the setup”.

            10. Mylen told me directly that she would only release the equipment I had borrowed to Sir Jeff. That she would not release it to his friends or even his lawyer. She also said that if he got deported all of the equipment under Philippine law would become hers.

            11. I personally know that Mylen Monte owned, managed and operated Bangkok Nights. Sir Jeff’s participation was limited to that of a friend who loaned struggling business equipment.





IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereby affix my signature this _______ day of November 2009 at Iligan City, Philippines.


                                                            Marie Chrisbie D. Chiong


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this _____ day of November 2009 in Iligan City, Philippines.



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