Harold R. Pacasum

A letter from Harold R. Pacasum is where the immigration trail begins. His report is not flattering or accurate. I have no ax to grind with Mr. Pacasum. He acted on bad information, he submitted it for further investigation and it was not investigated. Mr. Pacasum, I am going to answer your letter here. You state that I engaged in deception by extending my tourist visa while engaging in business. You also state that I filed a baseless complaint against Iliganons and to quote you “is a manifest ingratitude and injustice to my constituents”

Now for the facts: Mr. Pacasum, I only filed cases against people who were present on the evening on 27 June 2008 when persons entered my home, one of them impersonating a police officer and robbed me of my cell phone. I filed complaints against all involved. I might have been able to walk away from the robbery but my witnesses started getting death threats almost immediately. “One was immediate”. The prosecutor decided to proceed against one person only. That person is currently on trial for usurpation of authority and malicious mischief. Another key player was let off because the prosecutor thought it would be safer for me. He threatened the life of a witness outside the prosecutor’s door. He has since filed a civil suit against me in General Santos for 2.5 million pesos. He committed perjury to file perjury charges against me in Iligan City. The prosecutor who investigated it saw right through it and dismissed the charges.

Mr. Pacasum, if you are who I think you are, you advised me to go for the SVEG visa. You sent me to CDO because that is where it was handled. And I understand that you may not know all of the implementing rules. I understand that you took evidence that was manufactured for a specific purpose. Mr. Pacasum, in my opinion you have been used.

When I came to Iligan City on 28 May 2008 it was for two weeks. Almost all of the extensions were for the purpose of making court appearances in the cases mentioned. This was a direct result of the delay tactics by the defense counsel. There is a period of time that I was forced to file for extensions while the SVEG work/application was in progress. And perhaps you did not know that. Even when officials in CDO told me I did not need an extension because of my application I extended anyway.

The personal cost of seeing justice in your system has been enormous. By the time it is done I will have spent approximately p800,000.00. This does not count a restaurant I lost in Thailand by being here. I love the people of Iligan and this country. I would have been doing both a disservice if I had not seen this through.

Mr. Pacasum letter

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