Ladies & Gentlemen, I was very quiet for some time. I tried to play nice. Eventually I was able to prove my case to the prosecutor and several months later I received a resolution from the Commissioner Of Immigration that the charges were dismissed for lack of merit. While the dates are not all correct the spirit of the document is correct. This gave me a renewed faith that it is possible for justice to work. I was approached recently by an emissary who told me Maclin D. Lanto wanted to settle our differences. I even scheduled an appointment to meet with him.  That meeting is scheduled for August 10, 2010. So why am I back on here today? My attorney in Davao has informed me that Maclin D. Lanto has made a motion for the Commissioner to reconsider this case. I would hope that the now new commissioner would not further dirty the reputation of the Bureau of Immigration by entertaining such a move by a man desperate to save his job.  You may read the Commissioners findings here:

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