The Mission Order

On October 8, 2009 Franklin Z. Littaua, the Executive Director & Chairman, Regionalization Program issued a mission order. Let us assume that he is an honest and hard working civil servant. The mission order directs Maclin D. Lanto to:

1. Validate the admission status, immigration documents, existency and sufficiancy of investment in the country (for investor’s/retiree’s/13-quota visa holder), and activities of foreign subject national and, if found to be in violation of Philippine Immigration Law bring him to the Bureau for further disposition.

2. Valid for seven (7) working days from the date of approval

3. Submit After-Mission Report and Recommendation.

4. For strict compliance.

As Maclin D. Lanto did not ask any questions before taking me into custody, he had already made up his mind on his actions. In fact other evidence will show he arrived in town at 10:30 in the morning and went straight to the police department. This is because his sole intention was arrest. Further evidence will show that I was lured to the bar in question on false pretenses. The evidence will also show the likely hood that immigration staged the event and therefore committed perjury in their after-mission report.

The Mission Order  

The mission order itself was not legal. I have seen several stories on the web where Franklin Z. Littaua has issued mission orders. The mission order is (issued under E.O. No. 287, s2000)

The person who signed the Mission Order which caused the arrest and detention of myself from 12 October 2009 until 22 October 2009 was the Executive Director and Chairman of the Regionalization Program of the Bureau of Immigration. According to Executive Order No. 287 issued on 04 September 2000 by President Joseph Estrada. Quoted is the pertinent provision of the said EO:

SECTION 1. Authority to Issue Mission Orders for Verification and Investigation of Suspected Illegal Aliens .–  Upon a well-founded and reasonable determination by the Commission of Immigration, based on available and verified civilian, immigration, or military intelligence reports, that an alien has committed, is actually committing or is about to about to commit an act of omission in violation of immigration laws, rules and regulations, or in violation of Philippine laws, rules and regulations, which may constitute grounds for deportation, the Commissioner of Immigration or in his absence, the Acting Commissioner of Immigration is hereby authorized, in the interest of national security, public safety and/or national interests, to issue a mission order directing appropriate officers of the Bureau of Immigration, whether organic or on detail, to conduct verification and investigation operations against the alien or aliens concerned, and if probable cause exists, to effect a warrantless arrest of such alien or aliens in accordance with Section 5, Rule 113 of the Rules of Court, if found in flagrante violating Philippine Immigration laws. (Emphasis supplied).”

Therefore. Mr. Franklin Z. Littaua  is not the authorized  person who must sign the Mission Order. Hence, the Mission Order was invalid for not being signed by the proper authority and if would follow that any arrest or investigation deriving its origin the invalid Mission Order is likewise invalid. An illegal act cannot produce a legal consequence.

For those who may think of this as a minor technicality it would be the same as you declaring yourself a judge and issuing a warrant of arrest.

Then there is that document – The Philippine Constitution:




Section 1. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be deprived the equal protection of the laws.”



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