The National Bureau Of Investigation

The National Bureau Of Investigation


This about my experience with the NBI. This is the Philippine counterpart to the FBI in the USA. I have discovered that their hiring practices are very similar. They look for what the Bureau needs at that point in time – maybe accounting, maybe lawyers or maybe forensics and they hire those particular disciplines. 

I have been treated with respect and dignity by the agents of this organization. They work on a limited budget and you do need to do some footwork but in the end they do their job well. I have a progress report from them. It is preliminary in nature but is in writing and very detailed. Six pages that tell me the NBI did something the Bureau of Immigration did not, investigate. While the BI (Bureau of Immigration) accepted whatever they were spoon fed by their “tipster” the NBI took the facts one at a time and investigated them. The BI exercised no critical thinking, the NBI was just the opposite.

 The NBI and I did not and do not agree on every point. We do agree on everything that is important and that is probably because my position is simply based on facts.


I will post in this category the report in excerpts. I will eventually post all. One of the key suspects in my kidnapping case has failed to appear or respond to a supeona from the NBI. I do not want to give him the opportunity to craft his story around the facts already established.


To the Agents of the NBI – Thank You


Jeffrey Evans 

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