The Request for a Mission Order

On 8 October 2009, Maclin D. Lanto, Regional Director, IAO- X requested the issuance of a mission order. You will see that the cart is before the horse. There is no real investigation to support this. In addition on page 2 he also requests that my application for an SVEG be denied. This indicates he was fully aware of my SVEG application. Is it possible that he was unaware that the only evidence he was presenting against me was required for the SVEG application?

He lists Team Sir Jeff as an Internet Cafe/Bar. This is not remotely close to the truth. Team Sir Jeff Corp. is an Internet Marketing Outsourcing firm. We work in a 122 Sq. Meter room. All open. If any agent had investigated they would have known this. The ownership of the bar and the cafe they are trying to tie me to has been well established as someone else. The evidence will be placed on this site. By grouping these together, my testimony, the legal business permits of Team Sir Jeff Corp., The corporate papers of Team Sir Jeff Corp. and the terms bar/internet cafe he tries to make this look like evidence. The Bar and Cafe that they would be referring to are about five blocks away from my business. This went as far as a phony robbery setup to try and get me into the bar so that I could be arrested there. (or so it would appear. Further evidence of that will be included here.)

Request For Mission Order Page 1

Request For Mission Order Page 2


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