What is the involvement of PDEA Col. Rene Orbe?

What is the involvement of PDEA Co. Rene Orbe? While we suspected for sometime and had received information implicating Col. Rene Orbe pf the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency – we could not prove it, until now. On the 23rd of November 2009 Col. Rene Orbe wrote a letter on PDEA letterhead requesting the Honorable City Mayor to revoke the business permit of Jeffrey Evans. His attempts failed. The Mayors office found no basis for his request. Further Col. Rene Orbe is not even assigned to this area. So in short he abused his office and authority for his own personal reasons.

A formal complaint was filed by Jeffrey Evans on 26 January 2010 with the office of Internal Affairs of PDEA. On February 16, 2010 – agents from Internal Affairs were in Iligan City to interview Jeffrey Evans and other witnesses with direct knowledge of Col. Rene Orbe’s involvement with trying to deport Jeffrey Evans and interfere with his legal business. It is the observation of Jeffrey Evans that the agents were very professional and that PDEA is committed to eliminating corruption among its ranks. Update: The Mayors office has issued a business permit for 2010.

see the letter here: http://www.philippineimmigrationcorruption.com/ltr-reneorbe.pdf

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